Over the past 5 years Rocket Path has grown and as a result operational, infrastructure and developer needs grew rapidly.


SRE team formed in order to support these needs and soon offered its services to a variety of development teams.  

Site reliability engineering (SRE) uses software engineering to automate IT operations tasks - e.g. production system management, change management, incident response, even emergency response - that would otherwise be performed manually by systems administrators (sysadmins).


Our certified engineers have experience in delivering real-world projects and customers from various sectors, and are ready to share their knowledge to upgrade your processes and the skills of your in-house team.

Feeds Integration

Landing Zone Setup

Discuss, Plan and setup among others: initial cloud setup, organizational structure & hierarchies, version control repos and accesses for team members, IAM Roles and permissions. 

Managed Hosting

Build & Extend

Help you containerize your workloads. Configure CI pipelines to build code artifacts allowing code testing integration, Setup kubernetes, configure needed in-cluster services, create GitOps based deployments (CD) ensuring configuration is stored in the source control, versioned, auditable, and integrated with CI/CD. 


Day 2 Operations & Training

Provide Day 2 support and operations. Ensure a better Developer experience (DevX) for your team. Offer training on demand to streamline the process of the developer onboarding to the new processes.

Hiring your own SREs can be hard

With our service, you don't have to worry about hiring. You can instead get started with SRE quickly and more easily

Low upfront cost

As with most managed services, you typically pay on an ongoing basis for SRE as a service, so there is no major upfront expense to worry about

Access to broader expertise

If you hire your own SREs, it may be more difficult to find ones who have deep experience with a broad range of technologies



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