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eCommerce Platforms

We specialize in building eCommerce platforms, with over 50,000 hours of combined web development experience. Our expertise has earned us the trust of both national and international software vendors, who regularly outsource their products and projects to us. With our proven track record, we guarantee successful and timely completion on every project.

At Rocket Path, we understand that every amazing web experience begins with development. That’s why development is the heart of our business. Whether you need a brand-new website, a complete overhaul of your customer experience, or a boost in your conversion rates, we’re here to help you develop it. Our team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Custom Web Development

At Rocket Path, we design with value, guided by insights, expertise and creative passion. To us, designing a website means crafting a complete user journey from start to finish. This requires solid planning, a touch of storytelling and a dash of inspiration.


We develop a wide range of web solutions, from highly functional corporate websites to web applications and enterprise-level CMSs – all using powerful, open-source software such as Drupal, Gatsby and React.

Hosting & Support

Website availability and performance have a direct impact on your business. This principle was the driving force behind our decision to move to our new and improved infrastructure, based on open source technologies, like Kubernetes.


Our hosting platform allows you to handle unexpected load spikes as well as permanent high load, ensure increased availability, improve performance and response time, cut maintenance costs, and, as a result, offer impeccable user experience for website owners and visitors.


APIs & Integration

Every enterprise has its own unique needs. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all for every company. That’s why, we propose solutions that can be easily adapted to specific requirements.


Build your own ideal solution using Drupal’s API-first architecture and third party integrations. Leverage the power of the largest open-source community.


Successful branding and marketing does not just sell a product or service, but an experience that takes customers on a journey.


At Rocket Path, we know that our business is only as good as our people.


Over the years our team has worked with some of the leading companies on a national level, as well as with multinationals in a number of sectors: Telecommunications, Financial technologies, eCommerce, Publishing, Startups.